Happy Chenille 15g


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A velvety soft addition to the Happy amigurumi family, these irresistible little balls of Sirdar Happy Chenille will make your cute crochet characters even more adorable. As well as the sweetest pastels, you’ll discover a range of richer, deeper shades to add depth and personality to your Happy Chenille makes.

Colours include: Frothy 10, Fluffy 11, Hefalump 12, Fuzzy 13, Duckling 14, Cheeky 15, Mermaid 16, Bon Bon 17, Twinkle 18, Fairy Dust 19, Snowflake 20, Soda Pop 21, Ink Spot 22, Mossy 23, Party 24, Sparkler 25, Splash 26, Picnic 27, Teddy 28, Fizzy 29, Surf’s Up 30, Lollipop 31, Tutti Frutti 32, Queenie 33 and Firework 34.

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Happy Chenille

Frothy, Fluffy, Hefalump, Fuzzy, Duckling, Cheeky, Mermaid, Bon Bon, Twinkle, Fairy Dust, Snowflake, Soda Pop, Ink Spot, Mossy, Party, Sparkler, Splash, Picnic, Teddy, Fizzy, Surf's Up, Lollipop, Tutti Frutti, Queenie, Firework